Accordion Lid Boxes

Snowflake Box, Autumn Box, Blank Box with Happy Dots pattern inside.

These unique free printable boxes have an accordion style lid. They work great for small gifts and party favors. The downloads are in PDF format. You can print the blank box template on one side of your cardstock and any full page print on the other side to get an effect like the happy dots box above. The Autumn and Snowflake Boxes include a mini print. Just print the box template on one side of the card stock and the mini print on the other. It doesn't matter which direction the mini print is facing so you don't have to worry about that !

Printable Version of Instructions
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Autumn Box Snowflake Blank Box
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Score the dotted lines well. We used a small embossing stylus, but a metal ball point pen that has run out of ink works great as well. Cut out the box along the solid lines, the triangles on the inside are easiest to do with an x-acto knife or small box cutter.
Fold the top edge in toward you, creasing well. It is important you do this step before you begin gluing. When folding the lid, it is almost like an accordion. The fold lines that cut across the middle of the triangles folds towards you like the top edge in the previous step. Flip the box over with the mini print side up and fold the lines that go along the top of the body of the box towards you.
For best results, fold along all your score lines and crease well. When you are done your box should look like this This is what it looks like when flipped over to the mini print side
Dot glue on the large tab that says "Glue". Close-up of glue dots. Do not use so much glue that it squishes out when pressed together.
Fold box around so that the opposite edge lines up with the glue tab. Press together, sliding your fingers inside the box for a firmer press.
Dot glue onto the small tab on the lid. Fold in the tabs marked A and B and slide the bottom tab into the bottom of the box. If you do not wish to use these tabs, there is an alternate way of folding the bottom of the box below using glue.
Fold box lid down and press together as shown. This will help insure that you have not pulled the lid so tight that it can not fit over the box. Pull the lid up to open the box
Inside detail showing cute print inside box Push the lid down to close.
Finished Autumn box. Finished Snowflake box. Note the small hole in the top of the box is supposed to be there.

Inside view of snowflake box.

Alternate Bottom - Cutting Locking Tabs Off and Using Glue
Cut off tabs marked A and B. Dot glue along tab.
Tuck tab into box and press to seal. It also helps to open box and press along tab with a pencil. Bottom of box.
Make these cute boxes water-resistant or waterproof by using Preserve Your Memories II spray. If you spray one side, that side will be water-resistant. If you spray both sides, the paper will be waterproof. Once sprayed you can even write on them with a permanent marker, like a Sharpie, and clean it off with regular rubbing alcohol.


Finished box. Click Here for Demos and Ordering Info