Chinese Takeout Boxes Instructions

chinese restaurant carry out food boxes to make minature printed chinese food carry out boxes purple swirl print on chinese take out box

Chinese Takeout Box - Detailed Instructions

take-out-score-1.JPG (24574 bytes) take-out-score-2.JPG (24246 bytes) take-out-score-back.JPG (16091 bytes)
Score your fold lines well.  
We recommend using a ruler and doing with something soft (paper towel or mouse pad) underneath.
By doing it on top of something soft you can get deeper score lines with very little pressure. You can make sure you didn't miss any score lines by checking the back of your paper.
take-out-cut-trim.JPG (23782 bytes) take-out-trim-closure.JPG (25956 bytes) take-out-fold-1.JPG (18276 bytes)
Cut out the box. You may find it easier to do if you cut off the excess around the box. Cutting out the closure for the top of the box is easier when you go back to it after cutting out the box. Fold on your score lines well. Don't forget to fold the flaps in!
take-out-fold-2.JPG (20348 bytes) take-out-fold-3.JPG (22633 bytes) take-out-hole-punch-1.JPG (14851 bytes)
Because this box has angled sides, you have to pinch along your score lines. These side flaps fold over the sides of the box, not to the inside. Crease all your fold lines well. You will see little dots on one side of the side flaps. These dots will not show up when the box is folded correctly.  
take-out-hole-punch-2.JPG (19945 bytes) take-out-hole-punch-3.JPG (21720 bytes) take-out-hole-punch-4.JPG (22463 bytes)
Use a hole punch where the dots are marked. There is also a dot on the body of the box where the flaps fold over.   This one really needs a hole punch with an extended reach, but if you don't have one you can fold the flap to the inside and punch through both layers. The flap isn't visible when the box is closed.
take-out-glue-1.JPG (19630 bytes) take-out-glue-2.JPG (18414 bytes) take-out-match-sides.JPG (21775 bytes)
Dot glue on the inside of the side flaps. Pinch tightly and let the glue form a bond. Fold the side flaps over, lining up the 3 holes.
take-out-ribbon-choices.JPG (22202 bytes) take-out-ribbon-handle-1.JPG (26353 bytes) take-out-ribbon-handle-2.JPG (20015 bytes)
Get out your ribbon, the toughest part is choosing which one to use! We used a 12 inch piece, but you can go a bit shorter - Just make sure you have enough length available that you can tie both knots! Thread the ribbon through the holes. You may feed something to poke the ribbon through with. Knot the ribbon on the inside of the box, thread the other end of the ribbon through the holes on the other side and knot it as well.
take-out-close.JPG (18990 bytes) take-out-close-2.JPG (20745 bytes) take-out-finished.JPG (17591 bytes)
Fold in the flaps Interlock the closure flaps. Your box is finished! Isn't it cute??