Free Printable Christmas Wreath Box

Christmas Wreath Box

Christmas Wreath Box - Folding Instructions
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Cut out and score dotted lines first. Then...
christmas-wreath-box-step1.jpg christmas-wreath-box-step2.jpg
Fold the sides of the box along your score lines. Be sure to make crisp folds!
christmas-wreath-box-step3.jpg christmas-wreath-box-step3b.jpg
Fold the corners inward towards the inside of the box.  
christmas-wreath-box-step4.jpg christmas-wreath-box-step-5.jpg
Apply a small amount of glue to one side of the triangle formed inside the box when the corners were folded. Spread evenly and press the glue side against the side of the box. Use paper clips to hold it tight until the glue has set. It is important you do not use so much glue that it squishes out, otherwise your side tabs will become glued to the inside of the box as well !
Fold the 2 wreath flaps over and slide the 2 slits into each other so that they are interlocked and the wreath halves line up.
Make these festive boxes water-resistant or waterproof by using Preserve Your Memories II spray. If you spray one side, that side will be water-resistant. If you spray both sides, the paper will be waterproof. Once sprayed you can even write on them with a permanent marker, like a Sharpie, and clean it off with regular rubbing alcohol. Click Here for Demos and Ordering


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