Qosmedix HQ: A supplier of disposable cosmetic supplies and applicators to the cosmetic, skin, bath, and spa industry.- founded in 1987. They are a leading global supplier of Medical Quality Disposable products to the cosmetic, skin care, bath, spa and salon industries. Their items are designed to meet customer's marketing and promotional needs, as well as today's health concerns by promoting cleanliness and hygiene. They maintain a large inventory of almost a thousand different products in their 50,000 square foot facility, allowing specialized staff to process orders and sample requests the same day they are received. They have a huge selection of jars, bottles, vials, containers and compacts fulfill sampling and packaging goals.
Disposable items include swabs, applicators, mascara wands, cotton skin care supplies, latex-free sponges, spoons, scoops, spatulas, manicure/pedicure accessories, spa apparel, gloves, and hair covers, all which promote cleanliness and hygiene. And, check out hundreds of other items, online or in their catalog, including cosmetic brushes, eye care applicators, epilating strips, fingercots, forceps, funnels, headbands, scrunchies, slippers, spa supplies, test tubes and more.  

New High Glass, Inc. is a total packaging supplier for the cosmetic, food and pharmaceutical markets. They are recognized as having a complete line of cosmetic packaging components. They offer cosmetic glass containers for nail care products, fragrance and skin care items, glass vials for samplers or specialty products, dispensers, plastic closures and other components for cosmetic products. The New High Glass website is unique and colorful cosmetic containers hopping and jumping all over the page !  

Unicep Packaging, Inc. is a Unit-dose Specialist. Unicep offers contract packaging of liquids, gels, lotions, creams, and semisolids. They contract manufacture and fill unique, modified blow-fill-seal MicroDose ® and Twist-Tip ® vials and thermoformed VersaPak™ single-use packages with a variety of pharmaceutical, medical, cosmetic, personal care, veterinary, nutraceutical, and dental products. In addition to unit-dose contract packaging, Unicep offers complete turnkey solutions. Services include product mixing, non-sterile syringe filling, tube filling, pouching, secondary packaging, custom package design, warehousing, and order fulfillment. Contract packager providing custom, single-dose packaging of cosmetic and personal care products for sampling, spa and retail, formulation, mixing, and secondary packaging services.  

Klock Group of America in Ft. Myers, Florida specializes in creative cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging. On the website, choose Dutch, French or English languages. For more than 30 years, this company has been providing state-of-the-art sampling technologies to the cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and food industries. Sample-size packages, filling services, and marketing programs from design to delivery are offered. Blister packages and sachets can be used for retail, unit-dose, and travel-size items as well. Winner of German packaging competition. Prizewinner 2000 for Somat deodorant "Citrus Fresh". It is almost essential nowadays to pay a visit to the Klocke Group in Weingarten near Karlsruhe in Germany if a full picture is wanted about all the different concepts available for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.  

Brooklyn Accent--If you need ribbon you will find beautiful designed ribbons for all your packaging needs at Brooklyn Accents. They have satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, sheer ribbon and organza ribbon. They do custom prints and dye-to-match. They will custom design your items so that it is gorgeous and adds just the right touch of distinction to your product. Some of their unique packaging include glass, ceramic, wooden containers, and baskets. Also available are textured boxes, folding boxes, jewelry boxes, shirt boxes. Brooklyn Accent has been designing and producing bows for every purpose for 90 years. Machine bows, hand tied bows, single ribbon bows, elastic loop bows, butterfly bows and many other selections just to name a few.    

Great Lakes Bag & Vinyl Corporation a div. of The Morton Group International is the largest provider of custom vinyl packaging in the United States. With manufacturing facilities located both in the United States and Southern China, Great Lakes can provide any design you require. Great Lakes Bag & Vinyl Corporation delivers the highest quality packaging in the industry. They have good "on time" delivery while providing a good " value "on your purchase . With over 50 years of industry experience there is no shortage of talent to assist you in your next project. From a large corporation to the new start up venture they have the packaging and the services you need to make Vinyl work for you. All their vinyl is EN71 & ASTM approved. This is the highest quality vinyl available and approved by the Toy Industry.
From simple projects to complex regulated medical packaging, Great Lakes can handle any project from start to finish.    

Cosmetic Packaging & Design Magazine published by Rodman Publishing Corp. Covering all types of packaging, Cosmetic Packaging & Design is published for executives involved in the personal care, cosmetic and fragrance industry. Their website brings much of the flavor of the publication to the web. But there is no substitute for the print version. Find out more about Cosmetic Packaging & Design here. Corporate Profiles is a year-round reference featuring an in-depth look at prominent suppliers to Cosmetic Packaging & Design’s markets. 70 Hilltop Road Ramsey, NJ 07446 USA
Tel: 201.825.2552 Fax: 201.825.0553  

Multi-Media is your one-stop source for professional custom packaging, duplication, packaging design, printing, product development, assembly and project management. Since 1987, Multi-Media has provided packaging and manufacturing for many of today's most successful companies and products. If you have a new or existing product you would like to "supercharge" for success, Multi-Media can provide a no-obligation analysis of your product design, packaging, printing, duplication, assembly and fulfillment. With packaging options for retail, cosmetic, cd & software, infomerical, training, audio or video products, they have the right package for your product. Multi-Media offers web and sheet offset printing as well as specialty printing of lables, cards and silkscreen printing. When your product manufacturing is complete, they can assemble, fulfill and drop ship your products to retail or directly to your end consumer.  

Lombardi Design & Manufacturing , is a supplier of custom and stock injection-molded components/packaging. Lombardi Design and Manufacturing services the international cosmetic industry with more than 100 customizable stock packages are offered, including trays, display and powder cases, and push-up deodorant packages. State-of-the-art facilities are equipped with robotics and in-line decorating processes. Services include advanced engineering, computer-aided modeling, and mold-flow analysis. Lombardi is a leading supplier of custom and stock cosmetic packaging... More than 100 customizable stock packages are offered, including trays, display and powder cases, and push-up containers with a distinctive European flair. They offer a full line of fragrance containers, caps, compacts, talc containers, powder cases, injection molded cosmetic cases, push-up sticks, trays, and accessory items from global manufacturing plants. The website doesn't have much specific information. Plant locations in Nottingham, England, Freeport, NY,Happuage, NY, and Middlebury,VT . You will need to contact them.  

RINAPLAST, S.A. is a company of plastic injection and specialized in the manufacturing and decorating of jars and containers for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. They offer their own production and development and a range of constantly growing products, with finishes adapted to every client's personal taste, from standard containers to special designs. Experience, research, quality and service to the client are the keys to Rinaplast's national and international development.      

China GIDEA Plastic Sprayer & Bottle Manufacturer is a manufacturer and exporter of plastic trigger sprayers, fine mist sprayers, lotion pumps, plastic caps, perfume atomizers, cosmetic containers and bottles, jars, boxes. They have 10 years experience in this field, their products have been sold worldwide.  

VisiPak Manufactures a full line of plastic packaging tubes used extensively in the cosmetics industry. Cosmetic packaging from VisiPak offers an excellent way to display one's product while still capturing the necessary functionality of traditional retail packaging. All packaging is made from clear PETG resin to provide the highest level of clarity and durability. They can be decorated with labels, printing, or insert cards.Clear Container--The VisiPak line of cosmetic packaging tubes offers many unique variations on traditional clear tube packaging.  

ABA Packaging Corporation--Among ABA's newest offerings is the Flip-Top Roll-on polypropylene closure, on the 8-ml Tatiana glass bottle. Designed for use on any 13-415 or 20-415 bottle neck, the closure comes completely assembled with the roller ball attached. Colors include black, natural, white, and any custom color. ABA Packaging also has a large assortment of bottles, pumps, droppers, caps, and jars. Whether it be one of their many stock bottles or closures or your own custom package they can make your cosmetic package even more beautiful with services such as frosting and ceramic decoration. In addition to these options they can also hot stamp closures, droppers and pumps for cosmetic containers. They decorate caps with bands or decorative logos. Call and ask an account representative about all these options that will make your cosmetic packaging truly unique. Wholesale glass bottles, retail glass jars, wholesale glass jars, cosmetic packaging, candle jars. You can order samples and a free catalog online.  

ArrowPak--An advanced computer-aided design technique enables Arrowpack to easily and creatively design an image for your cosmetics. They specialize in supplying standard and customized packaging to meet your needs. Their design team is also available to you, not to mention the countless solutions you can create with their designers. They have over 200 glass and plastic containers and bottles in stock ranging from 4 to 200ml. All you have to do is choose the right accessory from the 300 types of: caps, over caps, perfume bottle shells, droppers, nail polish brushes, screw-on or snap-on spray pumps, dispensers, and make-up cases. All of these accessories are made of various materials such as PP, PE, SAN, ABS and Urea plastics colored with non-toxic pigments. To complete your packaging, you can choose lacquering, glazing, metallizing, hot-stamping, or silk-screen printing. They offer package design, package development, package engineering, graphic design and can work with you to find the best solutions to your cosmetic packaging needs.  

The Bottle Store--Wholesale plastic bottles, jars, jugs and other containers are available at The Bottle Store. They supply large and small customers worldwide and can offer you a complete resource of long-lasting and durable containers that will meet your most specifications. They are ready to supply you with all your packaging requirements at the best prices. Along with a large plastic inventory, they also have glass bottles and jars in many different sizes and shapes. These products can be used for beverages, condiments, perfume, cosmetics, and sprays to name just a few possibilities.  

Alpha Packaging is a manufacturer of polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) packaging for the pharmaceutical, nutritional and personal care markets. Alpha manufacturers offer both stock and custom containers in a variety of styles and colors, all available with very short lead times. In addition to manufacturing and stocking a large variety of stock containers, Alpha has an in-house design and engineering team which develops innovative packaging solutions for key markets. They use only FDA-approved resins, maintain a Drug Master File, and adhere to cGMP manufacturing practices.  

COSPACK is a leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative skincare and cosmetic packaging components worldwide. They offer a wide range of skincare packaging components from acrylic, glass PETG, PP jars and bottles to complete airless dispensing system, as well as an extensive selection of cosmetic components from mascara, lip gloss, eye liner and loose powder container to lipstick containers and compacts. In their NJ facility, they have readily available stock of acrylic, glass, PETG and PP jars and bottles in many shapes and fill sizes, as well as complete airless dispensing systems. Their extensive inventory can provide you large or small quantities of stock packaging with a short lead-time enabling you to speed your products and promotions to the market. Private tooling can also assist you in creating your own unique packaging through injection molding, blow molding, metal extrusion or other private tooling processes.
The manufacturer and distributor has an extensive range of stock components for skin-care products and color cosmetics. Airless dispensers, treatment pumps, acrylic jars, acrylic lotion bottles, PETG jars and bottles, and metal caps are available for skin-care products. For color cosmetics, twist-top pots, lipstick cases, compacts, and containers for lip gloss, eyeliner, and mascara are offered. All stock components come in various styles and colors.  

Drug and Cosmetic Sales is a distributor of packaging containers to companies in the cosmetic, personal care, household chemical, and any industry that is using wholesale containers. They specialize in selling packaging to other distributors in the empty container distribution industry. Known as the distributor's distributor, DCS offers a variety of quality discounted empty wholesale packaging components such as pumps, caps and lids, empty glass bottles, plastic bottle, plastic jars, glass jars, and cosmetic containers in an endless array of sizes and finishes. They can offer you and your company a one stop shopping experience as they have all of the necessary packaging components available to complete your finished product in an attractive and cost effective solution from one company. The large sampling of what this company carries is available online in a new downloadable e-catalog. You will be able to view pictures and get complete descriptions of the pumps, cosmetic containers, jars, and other packaging that are available in their inventory.
Items such as pumps, bottles, jars, sprayers, lip gloss, mascara, eyeliner, other cosmetic containers, and so many additional wholesale necessities are ready to ship at once to your door. They are also looking to purchase your excess or obsolete pumps of all types: sprayer pumps, trigger pumps, dispensing pumps, lotion pumps, fragrance pumps, continuous thread caps and closures, dispensing caps, flip top caps, child resistant caps, plastic bottles, glass bottles, plastic jars, glass jars, and any other components that you have as a surplus.

Bayley's Boxes; manufacturers and distributors of gift boxes and custom packaging. Gift wrapping is a thing of the past thanks to their variety of distinctive gift boxes in various shapes and sizes! Available in many patterns and colors, their custom packaging is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion.
As a custom box distributor, Bayley's Boxes provides creative product packaging options for your handmade soaps, candies, jewelry, gift-certificates, promotional materials, or whatever! And for those with a creative streak, they offer boxes in plain white so you can decorate them yourself! Bayley's Boxes; your online custom packaging and favor box distributor. Bag box, business card box, cake slice box, circus box, flower box, heart box, pentagon box, petal box, puff triangle box, star box, pyramid box, star box, and twist top box are just a few of their unusual shapes of boxes. These boxes are available in textured solids, (black, cream, light blue, red, goldenrod, white, indigo, forest, purple) shimmering solids, (gold, bronze, blue, pine, silver, ivory, mauve) and metallic moires. (gold or silver) The patterns of these boxes are perfect for any occasion. Including (toile, autumn, olde map, black marble, snowflake, iridescent sunset)  

All American Containers Inc. is a rigid packaging supplier and distributor of glass and plastic bottles and jars; plastic pails, tubs, and drums; metal pails, drums, and cans; child-resistant, tamper-evident, and standard closures; fingertip and trigger sprayers; and lotion pumps and dispensing caps. The company serves the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, and industrial markets.