Hazmat Storage

HazMat Storage

The guidelines and regulations for storing hazardous materials seem to be endless. Different quantities have different requirements as do the individual materials being stored. Depending on your location and specific materials, laws and regulations could vary. It is important that you know your exact needs. Here are just some of the requirements to give you an idea of the complexity in finding just the right storage facility for hazardous materials.

Storage cabinets with no more that 60 gallons of class I or class II liquids are allowed. Specific construction is required and the cabinet must be UL-approved. They must be labeled "Flammable--Keep Fire Away" and no more than three storage cabinets are allowed per process area.

Inside storage must have self-closing fire doors and the room must have a 4 inch raised sill or ramp of non-combustible material by the openings. Only 2,000 gallons of material is allowed if the room has no fire protection but the walls have a 2-hour fire resistant rating. The maximum size of this room is 500 ft. with only 2,000 gallons being stored. Select wiring and electrical equipment is also required.

For outside storage if quantities exceed 1,100 gallons of flammable or combustible liquid your building must be at least 10 feet from the building and 50 feet from the property line. Smaller quantities are allowed to be adjacent to the building. Drainage to a safe location must be provided and a spill containment curb must be at least 6 inches. If that is not possible, the area must be graded for the spills to be diverted from the building. Trespassing and security to prevent tampering must be present.

All resin spray application areas must be protected by an automatic sprinkler system designed for at least Ordinary Hazard, group 2 occupancy.

Transferring of Class I, II, or III liquids to outside storage areas must be separated from other operations in the building by an adequate distance. Containers should be bonded and grounded when transferring flammable liquids. Spill control must be provided as well as natural or mechanical ventilation.

This is by no means a complete or even adequate summary of regulations that involve hazardous material storage. It is just a glimpse into the complex world of HAZMAT.

HazMat Storage

The Bureau of Dangerous Goods is a Hazmat service company. They provide solutions for the safe transportation of dangerous goods and hazardous material, utilizing state of the art tools and services, such as Hazmat Software, Hazmat Training and Hazmat Storage Packaging in accordance with IATA, ICAO, IMDGR and 49CFR regulations. They can help guide you through the regulations to produce the shippers declaration form, packaging requirements and emergency response information. www.bureaudg.com  

Poly Corr Hazardous Material Packaging
U. N. Approved triple-wall boxes and super sacs for safe packaging of hazardous waste products. Since 1981, Poly-Corr has been a leader in the innovation of packaging solutions for the Manufacturing and Environmental industries. All products are designed for your benefit and will make your jobs run faster, easier and more cost effective. At Poly-Corr Industries, they will custom design any of their products to best suit your needs.   www.poly-corr.com  

Lab Safety Supply, Inc., If you have a need for a chemical storage facility for hazardous materials, you may find Lab Safety Supply, Inc. a resource that is useful. They store drum pumps, containers, safety cans, drums, safety cabinets, and more. They have a large variety of products including lab ware, first aid and health care materials, spill cleanup products, janitorial, and safety equipment just to name a few of the products that are available to you thru Lab Safety Supply. www.labsafety.com  

Cargo Pak: If you have any hazardous materials that need to be packaged, CARGO Pak may be a good resource for you. They specialize in hazmat packaging that conform to domestic and international regulations. Their packaging supplies include infectious and diagnostic shippers, drums and pails, liners, molded insulated containers, emergency spill kits, refrigerants, and many more.
They can help keep your compliance team up to date on latest regulations. They offer an assortment of up to date guide books and CD-ROM's to help keep your teams informed of any changes in regulations and other reference material. Their website can also connect you to other links to help educate you in all areas of hazmat regulations in the United States and internationally. www.cargopak.com  

Shipping Solutions: If you need help completing your export forms for Hazmat shipping, see Shipping Solutions website. For about $500 they will help you quickly produce a dozen standard export forms, file your Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) electronically through the Automated Export System (AES), and monitor all your shipping expenses. Shipping Solutions can help you complete and obtain all of the following forms and regulations: Air Waybill, Automated Export System (AES), Bank Draft/Transmittal Letter, Canada Customs Invoice, Caribbean Commercial Invoice (CARICOM), Certificate of Origin, Commercial Invoice Dock Receipt FAA Security Endorsement, IATA Dangerous Goods Declaration, IMDG Dangerous Goods Declaration, IMO Dangerous Goods Declaration, Inland Bill of Lading, Master Waybill, NAFTA Certificate of Origin, Non-Dangerous Goods Declaration, Ocean Bill of Lading, Packing List, Proforma Invoice, Shipper's Export Declaration (SED), Shipper's Letter of Instruction (SLI) and correct Shipping Labels. You can download or request a free demo version of their software. www.shipsolutions.com  

HAZcaptain, hazardous compatibility software, allows hazardous material shippers to quickly and easily locate information about hazardous material packaging. HAZcaptain™ is hazardous compatibility software that provides dangerous material loading guides and other hazardous shipping and storage resources via the web. HAZcaptain helps ensure the safety of your shipments. Allows shippers, carriers, and consolidators to feel more secure with the safety of their shipments. HAZcaptain reviews all hazardous materials to be shipped in the same container. Vital information in seconds. It also allows you to check the compatibility of an unlimited amount of UN numbers at once, alerting you to incompatible goods. Providing you with a list of compatible UN numbers with proper shipping names and appropriate hazard classes. This software provides detailed information about marine pollutants, proper shipping names, primary and secondary classes, IMO page number, IMO emergency schedule numbers, and IMO medical first aid guide numbers. HAZcaptain provides EMS, MFAG guides and the USDOT Emergency Response Guide. No longer having to hunt through volumes of books or manuals, doing in seconds what would have otherwise taken much longer. This software also enables the user to view color coded Stowage and Segregation Guides to IMDG Code. This table describes how and where to stow their hazardous materials. www.hazcaptain.com  

Interstate Products, Inc. offers a complete line of Spill Containment, Industrial Maintenance supplies along with many Chemical, Safety, Fire Fighting, oil spill products, including Haz-Mat Spill Response, Tank and Spill Containment Equipment and Absorbents. Oil Spills Kits & Oil Spill Response Absorbents are available for both marine and land use while their Chemical Spill Kits, large and small, are for both aggressive and non-aggressive liquids. They also supply and specialize in a variety of indoor and outdoor spill containment storage products for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical storage. Eagle Cabinets, flammable storage and storage sheds (for Flammable & Non-Flammable liquids), Stackable Storage Racks (with built in Spill Containment), Berms, Spill Containment Pallets (with and without drains), Water tank supplies, Over-packs, D.O.T. (Department of Transportation) approved Containers and Packing Supplies (for Supply and Storage, Transportation, and Disposal of Hazardous Waste) are available to help your facility comply with the latest local, state, and Federal safety, secondary spill containment, prevention and flammable and oil storage regulations.   www.interstateproducts.com  

3E Company   offers hazardous material packaging & labeling assistance 24-7-365 for shipping hazardous materials within DOT & other regulations. All modes based on 49 CFR HMR, IATA, Dgr, IMDG Code.3E Company's environmental health and safety compliance and information management services alleviate the burdensome aspects of HazMat compliance, reduce costs and allow EH&S professionals to focus on maintaining a safe working environment. 3E starts by gathering relevant data about your existing compliance program. This requires taking a close look at your company's facilities to assess major vulnerabilities associated with areas such as hazmat inventory, hazmat usage, storage and disposal policies, facility health and safety processes, occupational risks, IT systems and processes, training, facility paperwork filings and regulatory reporting practices. The result is a comprehensive analysis, which identifies shortcomings, and recommends functional improvements for both in-house best practices as well as outsourcing to teams of professionals. The analysis will include prioritized recommendations for a program specifically tailored to your organization's EH&S and HazMat information management needs. 3E's team of professionals guides you through the necessary steps to ensure a smooth and rapid implementation and efficient, ongoing operations. This consultative approach of identifying needs, recommending specific solutions and implementing flexible, modular programs results in maximum business value by enhancing EH&S staff productivity, increasing EH&S cost efficiencies and providing relief from the burdensome aspects of compliance.

The Environmental Resource Center offers online sales of handbooks, caps, and offers consulting services anc holds classes throughout the USA. Environmental consulting services are offered in the areas of hazardous waste management, toxic substances, impact assessment, and compliance auditing. Their safety consulting services include audits and the development of plant-specific compliance programs. Environmental Resource Center consulting services cover the following areas:
Environmental compliance audits, Environmental site assessments, Corporate environmental policy programs, Federal, state and local permitting, Hazardous waste management plans, Waste minimization plans, Compliance and contingency plans, including Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans, Emergency response plans, Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPPP), Hazard communication plans, Spill response plans, Integrated contingency Plans, Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facility (TSDF) and Part B permits, Materials Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) development, SARA Title III compliance, including Tier I reports & Tier II reports, Toxic chemical release inventory (Form R) reports, Hazardous waste delisting petitions, Standard operating procedures, Plant-specific environmental calendars, and Hazmat databases www.ercweb.com  

Their other division, DG Supplies, offers Hazmat packaging solutions, such as, UN certified fiberboard 4G and 4GV box shippers. They also have glass inner packaging, infectious & diagnostic packaging, plus plastic and steel UN certified drums and pails. Some of the supplies Dangerous Goods Supply carries include: bottle-in-can Shippers, non-vermiculite shippers, plastic bottles and caps, pails and drums, absorbents and spill kits as well as general shipping Supplies. You can get from them labels and placard all necessary handling labels for hazmat materials.   Hazardous material packaging for dangerous goods shipping. Full line of un spec packaging and supplies. www.dgsupplies.com

Inmark, Inc. is another possible source for hazardous materials packaging. Located in Austell, GA they have a large variety of bottles, jugs, vials, and drums. 2.5 gallon containers that require no vermiculite are available along with other sizes of plastic bottles. Buy direct for plastic and glass containers, bottles, drums, jars, jugs, vials and packaging. All sizes, shapes, colors and materials, decorating and design. Glass pint bottles and gallon containers that are certified for packing groups II and III are available with no absorbent material needed. Many sizes of wide neck kegs for packaging group I, II, and III are available. Drums (metal and poly) and pails (bioharzard lifelatch, openhead pails and lids, and tighthead pails) are just a few hazardous material packaging supplies you may need that are available thru Inmark. www.inmarkinc.com  

HazMat Identifiers
Smart-Strip is not an intelligent dancing woman taking her clothes off ! HazMat Smart Strips are $20 strips of vinyl and paper about the size of a baseball card, that changes color when exposed to hazardous chemicals such as chlorine, fluoride, various nerve agents, oxidizers, arsenic, sulfides and cyanide in liquid or aerosol form. Rescue workers who arrive at the scene of an emergency can use this inexpensive device to check for hazardous materials. Smart-Strips are are used by the U.S. Coast Guard and many fire departments, including Miami-Dade County, Fort Lauderdale, Houston and New York City. They are also used at events where security is important such as the Daytona 500 race car series, the U.S. Open and the G8 summit meeting. HazMat Smart-Strip instantly identifies nerve, cyanide, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, acids/caustics, fluoride, oxidizers, and chlorine. It has a 12 hour operational timeframe and a 2 year shelf life. You can order online at their website.
Smart-Strip also developed a smaller version, according to the military's specifications, that sells for $5.99. Smart M-8 Nerve Agent Detector instantly identifies nerve (V, G, H) agents with the latest technology. Iy includes clip and peel and stick back. It meets Mil Spec. www.smart-strip.com  

LPS Industries - Hazardous Packaging--LPS provides hazardous material packaging for a variety of applications. LPS Industries is a multifaceted converter offering custom engineered packaging solutions, including flexible pre-formed pouches and roll stock with specific barrier properties and high impact graphics. LPS is a Privately held company and LPS has the resources and ability to devote the time necessary for start-up projects and difficult trials. www.lpsind.com  

Spectra Enviornmental-Your source for hazmat storage plus many other industrial and MRO supplies. Shop the online catalog. Spectra Environmental Envirodike line of products prevent leaking tanks from contaminating their surroundings, eliminating the nightmare of environmental damage, liability and clean-up costs. www.spill.com

Safety Storage - Hazmat Storage Safety Storage, Inc. Manufactures prefabricated portable buildings for safe storage, handling, and use of chemicals and hazardous waste. Safety Storage offers a turnkey solution providing compliance with applicable regulatory requirements, as well as pertinent building, electrical, and fire codes applicable to the design, construction and use of Group H and other occupancies or use groups. Safety Storage buildings and lockers are pre-engineered structures having the assurance of Factory Mutual Systems approval and state certification. Safety Storage prefabricated buildings let you realize substantial savings over the cost of permanent building, additions, and conversions. They also speed the permitting process and eliminate costly delays associated with conventional construction. In some cases, Safety Storage products will help reduce property taxes and accelerate depreciation. www.safetystorage.com

Core: Hazmat Storage Systems Core Engineered Solutions offers a number of hazardous materials storage solutions including Hazmat/chemical storage buildings and tanks.  For more than 10 years, Core Engineered Solutions, Inc. has provided environmentally compliant fuel storage and chemical storage systems that meet the highest safety standards. Their system expertise includes vehicle dispensing systems, emergency power systems, aviation & marina fueling, waste oil, chemical storage and alternative fuels. Core Engineered Solutions capabilities range from providing pre-engineered systems for standard applications to complex large-scale systems. Core works with end users, engineers and project teams to provide systems design expertise and comprehensive support.   www.core-es.com  

Chemical-Storage.com features PRO-TEC chemical storage containers. The only field tested chemical storage buildings on the market. PRO-TEC Chemical Storage Buildings are safe for the storage, dispensing and transfer of hazardous materials, chemicals, flammables and combustibles. Applications include: Pesticide Storage, Fertilizer Storage, Hazmat Storage, Gasoline Storage, Diesel Storage, Propane Storage, Household Hazardous Waste, Battery Storage, Used Oil Storage, Hydraulic Fluids Storage, Paint Storage, Oxygen Storage, Chlorine Storage, EESDS (Emergency Eyewash Shower & Drench Hose Systems), Fungicide Storage, Wastes, Aerosol Cans, Varsol and Fluorescent light tubes/ballasts. www.chemical-storage.com  

US Chemical Storage-Hazmat Storage-- Hazardous Material Packaging
Whether it's for storing pesticides, paints, solvents, flammable, corrosives or even explosives, U.S. Chemical Storage has a solution to fit your hazardous material storage needs. Manufacturer of steel storage buildings, to contain hazardous chemicals, and pesticides. Fire rated building available. Financing plans and Asap delivery-- hazmat solutions
--Full product line of affordable solutions to the storage of hazardous waste--Factory mutual approved and EPA-compliant chemical storage buildings. Quick quotes available online. www.uschemicalstorage.com      

Skolnik Hazardous Material Storage Containers-- gallon salvage drums, multi-purpose carbon and stainless steel containers, over packs, hazardous material emergency response equipment, drum tools and accessories.  Skolnik product line includes a wide array of salvage drums and multi-purpose carbon & stainless steel containers. They also feature over packs, hazardous material emergency response equipment, drum tools, and accessories. They don’t have minimum order requirements. Skolnik produces more than 400 steel container options, ranging in size from 5-110 US gallons. Their products are used in diverse applications and industries - from chemicals to pharmaceuticals, environmental remediation to radioactive waste disposal, transportation to food processing and winemaking. www.skolnik.com      

Safe Buildings Corp - Hazmat Storage Safe Buildings Corp. manufactures chemical storage buildings. Turnkey service provides inside rooms and multiple modules to store flammable and explosion sensitive materials. They manufacture hazmat storage and dispensing buildings…ideal for hazardous chemical storage. The U425 and the U490 design offers 2 and 4 hour fire protection. The highest quality buildings in the industry, they allow placement close to, or inside the plant environment. Factory Mutual systems (FM), Air tested sump containment, Explosion proof appliances, Explosion relief construction, Fire make-up vents, Chemical-resistant coated surfaces, Static grounding system, Hold- down brackets, Hazard placards and labeling.   www.safebuildingscorp.com  

HazMat Storage In the UK

In the UK, you will want to see the The National Chemical Emergency Centre website for
Clear, impartial advice for chemical health-and-safety compliance and for emergencies. It provides a 24 hour national advice service to the public emergency services on dealing with chemical incidents and is a central part of the Chemical Industries Associations CHEMSAFE scheme. www.the-ncec.com

HazMat Storage in Canada

In Canada, see the official Transport Dangerous Goods webpage. It is in both English and French. The Transport Dangerous Goods Directorate is the focal point for the national program to promote public safety during the transportation of dangerous goods. The TDG Directorate serves as the major source of regulatory development, information and guidance on dangerous goods transport for the public, industry and government employees. www.tc.gc.ca/tdg/menu.htm  


HazMat Storage Education & Help

Hazmat Transportation Safety Information Yahoo ! Group is free to join and is an ongoing discussion of HazMat issues. By joining you will be receiving member's emails of questions, the member's answers, and general discussion about HazMat issues. When you join The Hazmat101 List, you will be able to share your knowledge and experience with others. To subscribe just send a blank email to hazmat101-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
The homepage of the HazMat discussion group is www.hazmat101.com

Online Hazmat School provides online hazardous waste, hazardous materials and industrial safety training. Their courses comply with OSHA, DOT and AHERA training requirements for all states. The current courses available cover Hazardous Waste Operations (Hazwoper), Hazwoper Refreshers, DOT Hazmat, Industrial & Construction Safety, and Emergency Response. They can provide OSHA and DOT compliance certificates and continuing education units (CEUs) authorized by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training . Hazmat School offers group registration rates, online student tracking for Training Directors, and record keeping. You only need a standard computer with Internet access, a Netscape 4.x or 6.2 or IE 4.0-6.0 browser, and the free Acrobat pdf reader plug-in from Adobe. All Hazmat course materials are included in the fee and you may save and print the contents for off-line study. Some courses have Flash animations for extra clarity. www.hazmatschool.com  

For definitions of environmental terms including Abbreviations & Acronyms, see the EPA site :