Packaging as Art--Jewerly Gift Box

Packaging as Art.....

Here is a great real life example of retail packaging being so nice and functional, that the customer has continued to save and use the original box as a travel jewelry container long after the gift giving event has ended.

The very sturdy, satin finished, black pasteboard two-piece box is printed "Erwin Pearl" in white. The bottom half of the box has a hole on each side thru which a sheer white ribbon is threaded
and tied over the top.

The box is just the right size for traveling and has been used many times for jewelry for short trips. When the top is in place and the ribbon is tied in a box, it is a secure little jewelry box.

With a quick look at the website of the retailer, Erwin Pearl....a chain of stores that sells upper-end costume jewelry, one immediately spots this statement:
"Fashion jewelry designer Erwin Pearl has the soul of an artist, the heart of a craftsman, and flair for making the fabulous accessible."  

I guess you could say that about his choice of packaging too.

Give as much thought to your product's packaging too...........................let your packaging continue to advertise your products and services long after the initial sale.

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