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There are numerous companies who specialize in gift packaging and retail store packaging. They can offer you a huge variety of materials and ideas to customize gift packaging especially for your product or shop. If you are a shop owner and want to present your product in a customized manner, you can do that with the perfect decorative packaging. Colorful paper, unique ribbons, and unusual shaped containers may be just what you need. Customers really appreciate leaving a retail store with an item in packaging that looks nice enough to present as a gift in the original shop carry-out packaging . In today's hectic paced world, you have a real advantage if your customers don't have to worry about finding time to gift wrap a present.

jewelry gift box small See an example of Packaging as Art !  See Real Retail Shop Examples--Plain and Fancy

PackagingPrice calls itself "The Online Packaging Price Leader". If your needs are simple and not too elaborate, they're confident you'll find them to be a faster, simpler and more intuitive approach to buying packaging supplies than other on-line or more traditional packaging sales channels. Easy access and a simple ordering process were two crucial elements to online customer satisfaction. Product cost is where you will find them to be an industry leader. PackagingPrice invites you to compare them with catalog and other online packaging suppliers; they are confident that you will find them to be your most cost effective supplier. They have a large selection of corrugated boxes, corrugated mailers, cushioned & rigid mailers, tape, stretch & shrink film, multi-media packaging such as CD, DVD and software mailers for shipping and storing CD’s, Zip Disks and Audio tapes. Video Mailers have a unique design that protects video cassettes during shipment. Each mailer is manufactured from strong 200# B flute, White corrugated material. Locking tabs close these mailers so no tape is required. They have poly plastic bags, mailing tubes, protective inner packaging like bubble wrap, foam sheets on rolls. They also carry kraft paper, newsprint, loose peanuts, freezer paper, waxed paper, Insta-Box Cohesive Singleface, cellulose wadding,VCI paper products, Total Foam, Foam-In-Place, Instapak Quick Foam, Foam Corners & Edge Protectors, Poly Sheeting, Bags On A Roll, Pallet Covers, Furniture Cover Bags, Mattress Bags, Anti-Static Poly Tubing, Static Shielding packaging, ZipLock, Flat & Gusseted. Bag Tape & Tapers, Newspaper Bags, Door-Knob Hanging Bags, T Shirt Style Handle Bags, Merchandise Bags. A large assortment of corrugated mailers including Sure Tuck™ Corrugated Mailers, Protective Mailers, Outside Tuck Mailers, Multi-Depth Bookfolds. The carry lots of shrink film items, like Stretch Film Dispensers, PVC Shrink Film, PVC Shrink Bags, PVC Shrink Tubing, Polyolefin Shrink Film, Shrink Wrap Equipment PackagingPrice carries a huge assortment of corrugated shipping boxes, including HazMat Hazardous Shipping Containers.  

Box and Ribbon: A company that specializes in unique boxes was actually started by a woman who  did origami as a hobby. These lovely boxes do not use origami methods, but  the beauty of these boxes are more important than how they are created. Box  and Ribbon offers 20 different box shapes and sizes.  They have over 80 selections of paper and plastic. They can customize large  orders for any event, theme, and color.    

VeriPack   has jewelry boxes that are sturdy construction and  require no assembly. Silver and gold boxes have a textured exterior. They  also have gable boxes in different sizes and colors. A great alternative to  the traditional box for items that are light to medium weight. They are  shipped flat for easy storage and have a convenient built in handle. Veripack  also offers the standard one piece gift box, two piece gift box, and an  apparel box. Gift wrap, ribbons & bows, and enclosure cards are also  available.  

Brooklyn Accent--If you need ribbon you will find beautiful designed ribbons for all your packaging needs at Brooklyn Accents. They have satin ribbon, grosgrain ribbon, sheer ribbon and organza ribbon. They do custom prints and dye-to-match. They will custom design your items so that it is gorgeous and adds just the right touch of distinction to your product. Some of their unique packaging include glass, ceramic, wooden containers, and baskets. Also available are textured boxes, folding boxes, jewelry boxes, shirt boxes. Brooklyn Accent has been designing and producing bows for every purpose for 90 years. Machine bows, hand tied bows, single ribbon bows, elastic loop bows, butterfly bows and many other selections just to name a few.    

Nashville Wraps   offers a huge selection of boxes, bags  and bows, ribbons, tissue, and much more. They also custom print many of  their products and can design a specialized package to meet your needs. They  are a wholesale distribution company specializing in decorative gift packaging  and gift related products. They have beautiful fabric, leather, and metallic  bags and pouches, sheer beaded drawstring bags, sheer jumbo bags, and on and  on and on. Here are just a sampling of what they can offer you. Gift sacks,  paper shopping bags, gift totes, plastic bags in every color and size, cards  and labels, ribbon of all types, tissue paper, tulle, etc. Also, if you need  any holiday packaging, you will be able to find it at Nashville Wraps.    

The Box Place has been in business since 1986. They provide packaging  supplies in small quantities to the general public. Great resource for a  small business. They also can run custom orders. Boxes and gift boxes of many  sizes and decorative bags are available. Gift bags in all colors and sizes  for any occasion. Tissue, films, shreds, ribbons, bows, and cords and much  more.  

Paper Mart has been in business for over 80 years and has been owned and  operated for 4 generation by the same family. They can ship orders the same  day and have no dollar minimum order. They have a 4 acre facility that houses  all the merchandise so same day shipping is never a problem. If you are under  a time restraint, you will want to check Paper Mart out. You can find gift  wrap, tissue paper, gift boxes, gift bags, shreds, balloons, and party  supplies to name a very small example of what they have to offer. Paper Mart carries fabric bags, cloth bags, organza bags, lace bags, burlap bags, velour bags, canvas bags, muslin bags, jeweled bags, wire mesh bags, and sheer organza bags in all colors. A huge selection of ribbon & bows twisted cords, satin ribbon, organza ribbon, metallic ribbon and many more fabric ribbons (wired and unwired edges) available at great prices. PAPER MART has fabric ribbon, polypropylene ribbon and poly satin ribbon as bows such as confetti bows, mini bows, colored bows, hank bows, curly bows, pull bows, colored ribbon, butterfly bows, and ribbon such as craft ribbon, balloon ribbon, curling ribbon, flat ribbon, embossed ribbon, stretch loops, and colored yarn.   They have Small holographic bags in a selection of designs and colors. Enclosure cards and envelopes, They also have beautiful translucent plastic wired handle carry boxes that come already set up. Made in the style of Chinese take-out boxes with a sturdy plastic.  

Bags and Bows Online offers retail store coordinated packaging. They can get you hot stamped custom sacks, bags, and boxes in just nine days from artwork approval. Bags and Bows has natural looking 'Oatmeal' flecked paper products, metallic bags, translucent plastic bags, gift wrap and frosted high density plastic bag assortments and resale packs. Jewelry boxes are available in most sizes in white and metallic foils. Spring-Fill shred comes in lots of bright colors and they have clear and iridescent polypropylene film on rolls for the gift basket industry.  

Bayley's Boxes; manufacturers and distributors of gift boxes and custom packaging. Gift wrapping is a thing of the past thanks to their variety of distinctive gift boxes in various shapes and sizes! Available in many patterns and colors, their custom packaging is perfect for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, Christmas or any special occasion.
As a custom box distributor, Bayley's Boxes provides creative product packaging options for your handmade soaps, candies, jewelry, gift-certificates,etc ! And for those with a creative streak, they offer boxes in plain white so you can decorate them yourself! Bayley's Boxes; your online custom packaging and favor box distributor. Bag box, business card box, cake slice box, circus box, flower box, heart box, pentagon box, petal box, puff triangle box, star box, pyramid box, star box, and twist top box are just a few of their unusual shapes of boxes. These boxes are available in textured solids, (black, cream, light blue, red, goldenrod, white, indigo, forest, purple) shimmering solids, (gold, bronze, blue, pine, silver, ivory, mauve) and metallic moires. (gold or silver) The patterns of these boxes are perfect for any occasion. Including (toile, autumn, olde map, black marble, snowflake, iridescent sunset)