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RFDI Tag and Reader Suppliers

Accenture Technology Solutions is working side-by-side with consumer electronics companies to use RFID technology to RFID to wring savings out of the supply chain. Accenture counts six to eight electronics manufacturers as clients that are moving forward with RFID deployments more aggressively than what is required by retailer mandates. Accenture believes that item-level tagging could be justifiable for the high-tech and consumer electronics sectors not only for realizing total supply chain visibility, but also for the much less reported goal of improving product return and warranty management. Accenture Technology Solutions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Accenture, a global management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. www.accenture.com  

IDcardMarket.com is one of the largest smart card production lines in North America. They offer multi-application smart cards, financial cards, photo ID cards, pet tags, keyfobs, tokens, tickets, armbands/wristbands that can all be trackable using RFID technology. Free Shipping in U.S. and Canada.   www.IDcardMarket.com      

ThingMagic is using Linux for Flexible, Upgradeable RFID Reader. ThingMagic was founded in 2000 by five MIT PhDs. It is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts and has worked to develop the ultimate RFID reader that is cheap, frequency- and tag-neutral, and easily integrated with the Internet. The company has released four incrementally improved versions of their reader. ThingMagic can produce and sell its feature-rich Mercury RFID reader competitively. The latest version, called Mercury4, is, according to ThingMagic, one of the most popular readers currently on the market. The reader can communicate over any frequency with any tag protocol, and its capacity for remote software upgrades allows "forward compatibility." That means, rather than having to replace the device when compatibility with future protocols is required, the device's software can simply be updated, resulting in substantial savings. www.thingmagic.com  

Zebra, an American owned and operated company, designs and manufactures all of its printer products in the U.S. It has been developing and investing in RFID technology for nearly 10 years and works with industry leaders to implement RFID technology across a wide variety of applications including manufacturing, supply chain and logistics management, asset tracking, and homeland security. Zebra Technologies Corp. (Nasdaq: ZBRA) delivers innovative and reliable on-demand printing solutions for business improvement and security applications in 100 countries around the world. More than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use Zebra-brand printers. A broad range of applications benefit from Zebra-brand thermal bar code, smart label, receipt, and card printers, resulting in enhanced security, increased productivity, improved quality, lower costs, and better customer service. The company has sold nearly four million printers, including RFID printer/encoders and wireless mobile solutions, as well as software, connectivity solutions and printing supplies. Information about Zebra bar code and RFID products can be found at www.zebra.com  

RFID Training Opportunities

eSmart Source training division offers a classroom style one-day course that familiarizes participants with the hardware, middleware, software and other key elements necessary for successful RFID deployment. Currently the course is being offered in San Francisco, Bay area and Portland, Oregon and will be offered in Los Angeles, Seattle and Phoenix in the coming months. They call it: RFID Made Easy

Singapore: two full-day eSmart Source workshop program (member EPC Global) brought to you in Singapore by RFID Focus Pvt. Ltd, is tailored to help understand exactly what RFID technology is, what are driving forces beyond the standards, and what the technology can do for any business in Singapore. Singapore, as a key manufacturing center, world’s second busiest port and key logistics hub will be directly affected.

eSmart Source also offers a two-day program at your location. The two-day curriculum is designed to bring you quickly all important aspects of RFID technology and to help you evaluate vendors, develop a business case, calculate ROI, and plan successful pilots and deployments. The first day's program is designed for management executives and functional experts while the second day would focus on technology, implementation and integration.

P.S. Tired of losing golf balls? You guessed it. You can now buy golf balls that have a RFID inside the ball. You can hook and slice all you want to and easily go to your ball. They aren't cheap, but it's not like golf is "just a game"!

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