Special Gift Wrapping Paper

Know of any creative and high-end gift wrapping paper sources ? If you know of other online places to acquire specialty wrapping paper, please let us know.

  Funnel Paper Goods has several offerings of papers printed with three to six colors of plain and metallic inks printed offset lithography on durable 60# white uncoated paper. Sheets 20 x 48 inches. Brought to you by Eric Kass of Indianapolis with names like Uncle Bob’s Pajamas, Dottie’s Décor, Aunt Betty’s Flowers. www.funnelpapergoods.com/giftpaper.htm 




NepalesePaper.com --Very reasonably priced handmade wrapping paper, featured on CNN.com, comes in a variety of colors and prints. Example is STARS: 20X30 inches. All images are stamped on by using a hand carved wooden block stamp. - Exquisite handmade Journals, Stationery, Photo Albums, Wedding Invitations and Wrapping Paper from Nepal. All products are Fair Trade and tree-free. http://www.nepalesepaper.com/wrappingpaper.html 



The Stationery Studio--Personalized Gift Wrap
Attractive modern look gift wrap with custom printed text on top of colorful design. They offer seasonal dots, snowflakes, Christmas prints, solids and prints available--clean crisp look.  Shown on NBC's "The Today Show" www.thestationerystudio.com 




Happy Wrappings --Choose from a variety of papers including polka dots or your favorite solid color paper - then just add your message. With most of the selections, you can pick a font style and text pattern. For a special and unexpected gift - you can personalize the paper for a friend (A gift from Mary & David) and give the papers as your gift! Happy Wrappings is the brain child of Sherrie Wirth. Sherrie is the founder and President of The Exhibit Company, Inc., a litigation graphics firm based in Austin, Texas. TONS of custom designs to chose from... www.happywrappings.com